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St Brigidís Primary School, Mountfield




Using Mathematics Using Mathematics describes the confidence and ability to apply mathematical skills in a range of meaningful contexts.  Standards of pupil competency in Mathematics and Numeracy are assessed through the cross-curricular skill of Using Mathematics.

Across the curriculum, at a level appropriate to their ability, pupils should be enabled to:

  • choose the appropriate materials, equipment and mathematics to use in a particular situation
  • use mathematical knowledge and concepts accurately
  • work systematically and check their work
  • use mathematics to solve problems and make decisions
  • develop methods and strategies, including mental mathematics
  • explore ideas, make and test predictions and think creatively
  • identify and collect information
  • read, interpret, organise and present information in mathematical formats
  • use mathematical understanding and language to ask and answer questions, talk about and discuss ideas and explain ways of working
  • develop financial capability;
  • use ICT to solve problems and/or present their work.